Twelve Tomes of Lore

As you get off the boat you a young guard meets your group at the dock. He is not well armored, nor does he look to be following any particular protocol. He answers a few questions that some of the other people have about the city then you catch his eye and he heads your way:

“Ayo traveler! Welcome to New Vera, A lot to do here, and alot of good times to be had. In case your not familiar with the area or our laws around here, we happen to home the second largest library in the empire. If you feel inclined to, head there and check out the Tomes and scrolls and familiarize yourself with the ways of Ranshire, who knows, maybe you will find something out about yourself!”

The Twelve Tomes of Lore

As you flip through the ancient documents, an elderly man approaches you and sits across the table. After a few moments of awkward silence you look up to see him starting at you. His face is that of a young man stuck in a decaying body. He is wrinkled from years of laughter, with great white eyebrows that cover the main part of his squinting eyes. With a large toothy grin he says in a quite yet grisly voice:

“hello! by the way your eyeing those tomes you must be new here. Welcome to the Marble Halls of New Vera, the second largest library in the empire you know. My name is Yarid, I am one of the cheif librarians here. Ya know, though I am an excellent reader of books and arcane lore, I have never been to good at reading people. You cound’nt be a dragons shaman, or a duskblade, as those practices were stamped out before Ranshire was even Ranshire! But what then… a monk, perhaps a bard or a knight. Your not one of those devilish beguilers are you? well, I sappose I shall let you tell me instead of guessing all day!”

And with that the man leads forward and puts all his attention on you. Waiting to hear about your craft, your skills, and perhaps how you came to be!

Twelve Tomes of Lore

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